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A Steampunk Hedgewitch's Grimoire

Objects for Amulets/Talismans/Charms
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(Ball 277) 
Acorn   An acorn symbolizes new beginnings and rebirth, also strength of purpose. An acorn anointed with musk oil and carried in your purse, pocket or charm bag will help to attract the opposite sex. To increase your income, anoint an acorn with 3 drops of pine oil when the Moon is waxing and then bury it in your garden as close as possible to the front door of your house.

Amaranth    Is a symbol of immortality, faith and fidelity. It is sacred to the Moon and her Goddesses and is used for enhancement of fidelity and psychic perception.
Anchor  Represents stability, hope and salvation. It favors all matters to do with the sea and would protect against physical harm.

Ankh (Crux Ansata)  The Egyptian Cross of Life, is the key to spiritual wisdom and the hidden mysteries. Representing the Life Force and creative energy, it is a strongly protective symbol. It brings about health and abundance and, through knowledge, gives power over the temporal (physical) realm.

Ant An amulet in the form of an ant will help the wearer to be industrious and hardworking. Placed on the altar it will attract career opportunities. 

Antelope    The head of the antelope or ibex is one of the earliest known amulets, dating to 4500BC. It was first associated with speed, then with evil as the God Seth. It is regenerative in its powers and also signifies overcoming - transcending - death and its associated fears.

Antlers (horns) Most cultures pay deference to the power of the antler, which suggests power over the forces of nature. They are sacred to the horned God, Pan and represent fruitfulness. 

Anvil   This represents physical strength, the primal force of Nature as it manifests Earth and matter. In that sense it suggests the feminine principle and the forging of partnerships and links. It has a connection with all Thunder Gods. 

Arrowhead   Carry an arrowhead for protection against enemies, bad luck, hexes, jealousy, evil spirits and all negative forces. Place an arrowhead over your front door (of under the mat) to prevent burglars. 

Asp The asp was an Egyptian symbol of royalty. It carries the same symbolism as the snake from a Shamanistic point of view particularly favoring those seeking personal advancement. It also gives help and protection from those in authority. 

Axe Has a meaning similar to that of an arrowhead. It represented the Chief, God or Divine Being and had significance as the double headed axe, which was said to represent the spiritual journey, in common with the double headed hammer. It signifies power of all sorts. In the last few hundred years it has been replaces as a symbol of power by the sword.

Badger  The badger's courage is commemorated in the wearing of this amulet. He also represents the balance of negativity and positivity and the idea of living successfully in the underworld. 

Bamboo  This is a Buddhist emblem symbol representing truth, integrity and lasting friendship. Its aspect of wisdom means that is symbolizes a healthy old age and would be a good amulet to use for businesses which have been in existence for some time. 

Bat This creature signifies long-life. In Chinese folklore five bats represent the 'five blessings' - Wealth, Health, Love of Virtue, Old Age and Natural Death. It is especially beneficial to educational matters, since it symbolizes arcane knowledge. It is said to bring good fortune. 

Bear    The bear is reputedly the guardian of the world and symbolizes inner knowing and healing as well as the watcher. Such an amulet calls on the protection of the energy of the bear clan. 

Beads   These are magically significant whether they are made from crystals or ordinary materials such as wood. In African magic, beads were invested with supernatural meaning owing to the high regard that primitive Africans had for their overlords - the Carthaginians - and their Gods. Necklaces and pendants even today are worn as amulets, and prayer beads and rosaries also make use of beads.

Bees    The bee represents immortality and the soul. It is a messenger of the Gods and as an amulet brings wealth through inspiration and intuition. 

Bells   Symbolize the angelic forces and are used to frighten off the Devil and evil spirits. They were put on anything that needed safeguarding (horses, babies, etc.) to give them protection against evil actions or thoughts. They can also represent the four Elements and the cycles of the seasons, which is why they are rung at rituals. 

Birds   Symbolize man's quest for his utmost potential and the Unconscious. As an amulet it protects the wearer on long journeys and ensures safe travel.

Buckles, belts or Girdles   Were often associated with Isis or Venus and as such offered Divine protection. Symbolizing personal fulfillment, these articles also represent physical well-being and moral strength, and were often used as ties for other protective objects. It is for this reason that the girdle is so important in magical workings such as knot magic. 

Buddha's Footprints This is an Indian amulet which is said to signify the eight emblems of Buddha - The Wheel of Law (cause and effect), the Golden Fish (first incarnation of Vishnu), the Lucky Diagram (long life), the Lotus (good luck), the Conch Shell (wealth), the umbrella (majesty), the Vase and the Trumpet of Victory.

Buffalo The buffalo possesses great strength  and also represents the Great Spirit. Sometimes taken also to represent death, this protects the wearer from harm. 

Bull    To increase fertility in women and virility in men, wear a bull-shaped amulet, or place one under the bed before making love. This also commemorates overcoming the lower urges. 

Butterfly   This is a widely accepted symbol of the psyche and the soul. It signifies the continuous cycle of life, death and resurrection. It suggests joy, laughter and pleasure.

Caduceus    This is a powerful image in health matters and is an almost universal symbol for medicine and communication. Represent the wand or staff of Mercury or Hermes, messenger of the Gods, it promotes knowledge and understanding. On a slightly more mundane level, it represents commercial success and safe travel. 

Castle  Symbolizing self-knowledge, spiritual enlightenment and esoteric wisdom, the castle is a strongly protective image. It suggests the doorway to knowledge and power. 

Cats    A black cat crossing your path is said to be lucky. In Egypt, cats were under the protection of the Cat Goddess, Bast, and hence they are now seen as witches familiars. Worn in the form of an amulet, they seek the protection of the Lunar Goddess in her many forms. They are often worn as small charms on bracelets. In China they are portents of misfortune, poverty and ill-health. 

Corn (Wheatears/ Sheaves)   This representation of Mother Nature signifies abundance, fertility and wealth. Symbolizing the harvest, corn makes a connection with Demeter and other corn Goddesses. 

Cosmic Egg  This combines two very potent symbols - a serpent entwined around an egg. It stands for the cycle of birth, life, death and rebirth and is universally recognized. As a health and fertility symbol, it is strongly protective.

Cow The cow represents the Mother forms of the deities whose qualities are nurturing and caring. In Egypt, amulets with cows heads were almost certainly dedicated to Hathor. 

Cowrie Shell    Because of its shape, which is similar to the cornucopia or horn of plenty, this represents prosperity. In Egypt it was thought to represent the female genitalia, so worn on a woman's girdle it was said to afford her protection. In Polynesian societies it was considered a valid form of exchange token. 

Crescent    There is a strong connection between the Crescent and the Moon. As an amulet the Crescent is said to bring success in love and promote good motherhood. The crescent points should always be turned to the right. Any amulet or charm connected to the Moon puts the wearer under the protection of the Goddess and also puts them in touch with their feminine, emotional side.

Cross   This is a protective device against all forms of evil, especially the Devil. It is found in many forms, such as the Egyptian ankh or the equal-armed Maltese cross. The cross is thought to restore good health and is probably the symbol most often worn universally. Esoterically, it stands for the union of opposites:  spirit and matter, positive and negative, male and female, sacred and secular, and also for the coming together of all planes of existence. It is much used in talismanic work to represent balance and manifestation in the physical world. 

Crow    This signifies justice and fair dealing and in some cultures the creation of negativity. Using this symbol either as an amulet or in talismanic work gives you access to these qualities. 

Crown  The crown represents victorious strength and marks authority and rulership. As a symbol it signifies the recognition and reward which success brings.
Crocodile   Wearing this symbol as an amulet is a protection against the powers of the negative. First seen in Egypt, there, it protected against being eaten by the reptile, since, if this happened, the dead person could not go onto the afterlife, since the parts of the being would be scattered. It was a general symbol of rebirth in many cultures.

Cupid   An amulet or charm in this form represents love and, as Cupid is the counterpart of Eros, is used in love charms. It also suggests the breaking of a taboo.
Deer    This embodies compassion and grace. Wearing a brooch or having a representation of the deer in the home calls on the powers of Gods such as Herne the Hunter or Cernunnos. 

Dog Loyalty, and guardianship are qualities inherent in the dog, particularly the domestic variety. Wearing this amulet signifies protection.

Dolphin Wise and happy, the dolphin suggests the exploration of deep emotion and psychic abilities. It has come to be accepted as initiator of new power and therefore guardian of the human race. It also represents safety in travelling. 

Dove    The dove is the soul, the life spirit and transfiguration. The symbol of the turtle dove protects the wearer against death, fire and lightning. Associated with the Mother Goddesses, it brings peace and tranquility into your home or workplace. It also signifies communication in love.

Dragon  The dragon by tradition symbolizes royalty and riches. The dragon, knowing the answer to many universal riddles, is a symbol of heaven, the Sun and the essence of Nature. The qualities of fire are called upon by wearing a dragon symbol. It is a protection against ill-fortune. In Chinese lore the dragon represents luck, material gain and wealth.

Dragonfly   This suggests imagination and breaks through illusions, thus gaining power and understanding through any dreams you may have.
Eagle   The eagle signifies expectation of power, high ideals and spiritual philosophy. It signifies the teaching of higher spiritual aspirations. In China and Japan it symbolizes aggression, fearlessness and courage. It also means good fortune and the highest of Gods. It is the father-principle and the solar emblem of all sky Gods. 

Eye of Horus    Also known as the udjat or 'all-seeing eye', this is an ancient symbol used as an amulet for wisdom, prosperity, spiritual protection, good health, the increasing of clairvoyant powers and protection against thieves. Following on from this symbolism, any eye suggests the Sun, stability and purpose. It is one of the most powerful charms there is.

Falcon  This is another amulet linked with Horus and is meant to represent the protection of the God. Falcon-headed Gods were important deities in Egypt. 
Fan In Eastern tradition the fan represents protection and safety, so makes a pleasant love charm. It is a lunar symbol depicting life unfolding. 

Feather This is the symbol of the wind and the soul's journey to other realms. It is truth, knowledge and power and is a general omen of good fortune. It is said to help with games of skill rather than strength. 

Fingers Two fingers held across the palm is a symbol of protection and assistance in Egyptian folk lore. Such a charm represents security. Fingers in talismanic work represent direction.

Fish    Used by most religions to represent the deity, it often signifies the universal mother, fertility and procreation. It stands for the psyche, intuition and the unconscious. The fish also symbolizes gracefulness and going with the flow. The Carp represents expansion, particularly in Chinese meaning. In Europe however - following Celtic tradition - the carp and the salmon are often interchangeable. Wealth, abundance and general prosperity are a more general meaning. 

Fleur-de-Lys    This is a stylized lotus or lily which signifies health, wealth and happiness. It is a representation of the Trinity - even perhaps the Triple Goddess - and is also the flower of light, life, and love.

Flowers These are manifestations of developing life and nature, and represent spring and beauty. They often signify the successful completion of a contract, either personal or connected to business. 

Fly In Egypt this may have been used as a protective device. Fly amulets were found with the head of a falcon, the crescent Moon, a ureaus and an udjat eye which would suggest that protection was expected on all levels of existence. 

Four-leaf Clover    Good fortune is said to smile on you if you carry a four-leaf clover, or if you wear a pin, ring, or pendant shaped like one. The four-leaf clover (a highly magical plant and a powerful amulet of Irish origin) is believed to be the most powerful of all natural amulets. The first leaf signifies fame, the second wealth, the third faithful love and the fourth health. 

Fox An amulet in the shape of a fox symbolizes elusiveness, agility, cleverness and sometimes deviousness. You might wear this, for instance, if you had to be particularly sharp at a business meeting. 

Frog    It is said that to promote friendship or reconcile enemies you should engrave the image of a frog on a piece of beryl and carry it near your heart or wear it as a necklace. A  frog amulet is also good for increasing fertility and virility. It is a lunar symbol. In Egypt, the four male creator Gods all had frogs' heads. They were a symbol of regeneration and perhaps a symbol of Hecate in her animal form. This type of amulet was replaced by scarab amulets. It is a symbol of life and the creator, potential life, health and strength. 

Fruit (general) This tends to represent Nature's harvest and earthly fulfillment. It can also suggest worldly desires, reward for past labors and, by association with the idea of the cycle of life, immortality.

Garlic  One of the oldest and most famous of natural protection amulets, garlic has been used throughout the world in a variety of ways. Witches and Shamans use it as a carrier for healing energies. 

Gods and Goddesses  An amulet or a representation of any of the Gods and Goddess, particularly worn as a bracelet, brooch or necklace, immediately puts  the wearer under the protection of that deity. 

Grapes  Signify the wine of life, fertility and sacrifice, thus giving the attributes of youthfulness and vigor. At the other end of the spectrum the association is with wisdom and truth, hospitality and peace and prosperity. 

Grasshopper The symbolism of the grasshopper is favorable to agricultural matters, in the sense of abundance and fullness. Signifying riches and wealth, if achieved through effort, this image probably supersedes the dragon fly, in the sense that the grasshopper is more grounded. 

Gryphon/ Griffin    This is a strongly protective symbol representing moral fortitude and physical strength. A hybrid solar symbol incorporating characteristics of the lion and the eagle, it can be used most potently in talismans. 

Hammer  The representation of the formative, masculine principle is particularly powerful in techniques of manifestation (having something happen). It signifies victory over one's enemies or obstacles and is especially beneficial for business or career ambitions. Esoterically it is an attribute of all Thunder Gods. The double-headed hammer is said to stand for the labyrinth and for justice and vengeance in equal measure.

Hands   Always important as symbols, hands represent friendship, love and trust. The various types of hands worn as amulets are listed; any of them avert evil and provide security. Hand of God represent Divine power, Hand of Fate suggests destiny, Hand of Fatima gives Divine protection. 

Hare    With a strong connection to the Moon in her form as Mother, the hare stands for regeneration, fertility, and rebirth. In Egypt latterly amulets of the hare were always fashioned from green stone. The rabbit, since the dawn of Christianity, has taking on much of the symbolism of the Hare. The energy of the hare is said to favor new enterprises. 

Hawk    Similar to the falcon in its symbolism, the hawk signifies all-seeing, perception and observation. A hawk amulet would be worn for protection and to give focus in your life. 

Heart   In Egypt the heart was said to represent the soul. It also more universally represents the seat of love and therefore devotion. Tradition in amuletic and charm lore used to dictate that a heart should only be fashioned in gold though this now is changing and many other materials are used. A silver heart given by a woman would acknowledge her own femininity. 

Hedgehog    This symbolizes regeneration (after hibernation or a period of stasis). The hedgehog is said to be protective and also is said to conquer death. We still see the protective element depicted today in garden ornaments. 

Heron   The image of the heron is similar to that of the ibis and suggests intuition and organization.

Hippopotamus    As an amulet it warns off bad temper and also stands for regeneration. The hippopotamus Goddesses in Egypt were symbols of female fertility. 

Horse   The image of a horse symbolizes freedom, stability and courage. It would also bring you under the sway of Epona, the Horse Goddess. 

Hummingbird This signifies pleasure but also symbolizes the fierce warrior. It can also suggest a spiritual vibration, since the bird achieves stillness by fast movement, thus giving the idea of dynamic stillness. 

Horseshoe   The horseshoe is a well known good luck symbol in many parts of the world. It is often taken to represent the Moon in her crescent form. According to superstition, you should nail an iron horseshoe with convex side up for protection against sorcery and bad luck. For good luck, nail it over your door with the convex side pointing down. Wear any type of horseshoe-shaped jewelry or carry a miniature horseshoe charm in a charm bag to promote fertility. 

Ibis    The ibis represents spiritual aspiration and the soul. Always a very important bird to the Egyptians, it was sacred to their God Thoth. It is said to heighten psychic perception and also gives a degree of protection on the physical level.
Indian Head The symbol of the Indian head is considered by many to be the most powerful of amulets. It can also be used as a good luck charm when gambling. 

Jaguar  Symbolizing the wisdom of the Shaman and focused power, an amulet or charm in this form would both protect and encourage. 

Keys    Symbolize health, wealth and love. As they both open and close, they also signify birth and death, beginnings and endings as well as new opportunities and beginnings. A key can represent initiation and wisdom. To give them away is a token of surrender. An amulet or charm in this form often stands for life itself. Crossed keys suggest power over heaven and earth. 

Knot    The knot in the form of the Egyptian figure of eight (known as the tjes) was supposed to protect the soul from dismemberment in the other world. The intricate Gordian knot was designed to protect the kingdom of Phrygia from fragmentation. The Celtic knot is a protective device when worn as an amulet. The Lover's Knot represents perfect union.

Ladder  In Egypt a ladder was a symbol of Horus, linking with heaven and bringing help when needed. The ladder also represents authority, ambition and career opportunities. When you wear an amulet incorporating this symbol the various options available to you are made obvious often through fresh insight or what may seem like extraordinary means. 

Ladybird    This is supposed to represent the Virgin Mary. Because of this association with the Virgin, killing a ladybird will bring bad luck. Wearing the ladybird as a brooch or pendant brings you under Her protection and brings good fortune and money. 

Lantern/Lamp    The lantern or lamp is symbolic of the Divine Light and spiritual power. It signifies guidance and protection of the highest order, often that which is generated by faith. 

Laurel wreath   This represents worldly success and achievement and a degree of public recognition. From an esoteric viewpoint it is a triumph of life over death and also represents immortality. Used as an amulet or inscribed on a talisman, it opens the way to the right framework for success. 

Leaf    Signifying growth, the symbol of the leaf concerns rejuvenation, hope and a revival of energy. Sometimes it can represent recovery from illness and can denote prosperity in business. 

Lion    The lion symbolizes nobility and is a symbol of the Sun. It protects through courage, and as an amulet it represents the courage of conviction. It is the fiery principle and sometimes represents the spark of life. 

Lizard  An amulet in the form of a lizard is said to give vision in the sense of far-sightedness and the ability to create an acceptable future. It also has connections with the crocodile.

Lotus/Lily  The lotus is a very powerful symbol representing serenity and that which is manifested from purity. The lily often represents perfection and freedom from worry. Symbolizing a change of state, it can be taken as a symbol of death.

Lynx    The lynx is the keeper of confidential information and symbolizes perspicacity (keen vision). As an amulet it represents a type of instinctive wisdom.
Mistletoe   Revered by the Druids as the Golden Bough, mistletoe is considered to be unholy by the Christian Churches. It represents the feminine principle, but perhaps in its more capricious sense. Mistletoe is also said to establish and maintain family unity. 

Mouse   The mouse represents innocence, faith and trust. Worn as an amulet it reminds the wearer of the necessity of an eye for detail.

Mushroom    The mushroom stands for hidden wisdom and mystic power. It is said to be ruled by the Moon and to bring business success and domestic happiness.

Ouroboros   (serpent or dragon biting its own tail) This universal symbol represents the totality of life, the cycle of continuous energy. Containing integration, disintegration and re-absorption, opposing principles are balanced and held at a tension that promises perfection. It therefore represents life itself.

Owl To increase knowledge, wear an owl-shaped amulet made of gold, silver or copper. The symbol of the owl (sacred to the Goddess Athena) also brings good luck. The owl is said to work with the psychological Shadow, bringing knowledge from hidden places. it also represents wisdom in the sense of knowledge of the Mysteries.

Oyster Shell    In Egypt, the oyster shell as an amulet meant 'sound, whole and healthy'. It was supposed to protect the wearer from harm, although Hypatia, the Greek philosopher and mathematician, is said to have been murdered by a Christian mob who skinned her alive using oyster shells. Oyster shells today tend more to represent the Moon, because of the association with mother-of-pearl and its luminescence. 

Palm branch This is representative of the triumph of good over evil, and is a solar emblem. It promises victory and acclaim, more usually by hard work than by sheer luck. It is often taken to represent just rewards. 

Peacock The peacock is a solar emblem and suggests long life and enduring love. It also symbolizes incorruptibility, immortality and resurrection. Because of the eyes in its tail feathers, it is said to link with Horus and the Egyptian pantheon of Gods. Also is Juno/Hera's favorite bird.

Panther Representative of the feminine, this is a protective device which brings one under the sway of cat Goddesses such as Bast. As an amulet it is a reminder of the power, speed, and grace of the animal.

Phoenix The symbol of the phoenix is as a bird of transformation and regeneration is well known. It represents the continuity of life and the overcoming of obstacles. Ruled by the Element of Fire, since it is from Fire that it regenerates, it also signifies opportunities and benefits. As a solar symbol it also represents renewed youthfulness.

Pineapple   A symbol of fertility also having a connection to the Mother Goddess, the pineapple represents good fortune and fruitfulness. 

Pine cone   An emblem of Cybele, Goddess of plenty, the pine cone with its many seeds signifies abundance, health, wealth and power. Worn as an amulet, or kept within the home, it is said that you will never lack the good things of life. Miniaturized as a charm, it still has the same significance. 

Puma    Said to be the Shaman's companion on journeys to other worlds it is the spirit of grace and inherent power. While the animal is elusive, it is also protective within spiritual journeys and as an amulet personifies these characteristics.

Pyramid Crystals shaped like pyramids possess the power to balance emotional qualities and are said to bring wisdom. It is thought that wearing an amulet in the shape of a pyramid improves concentration and increases or re-energizes psychic powers. As an amulet it also attracts good luck. 

Rainbow Through its symbolism as the bridge between the physical and the spiritual, the rainbow implies raised consciousness. Representing the seven spiritual centers (chakras)  in the body, it also signifies transfiguration and transmutation. On a more mundane level, it indicates success, achievement and rewarding journeys. 

Ram The ram or sheep is a symbol of masculinity and also of fertility. In Egypt, the ram's head signified power. Nowadays an amulet, the ram suggests the astrological sign of Aries. 

Raven   The raven represents inner journeys and dreams. Messenger and watcher for the Gods, it also represents mystery, though sometimes in the form of the Trickster. It is sacred to, among others, Morrigan, so wearing this amulet gives protection by this capricious Celtic Goddess. 

Rice    Grains of rice are representative of fertility and essential nourishment. Rice finds its place in the contents of witches bottles and as amulets and also in some prosperity spells. It also represents domestic happiness. Other grains may also be used for the same purpose, thus liking with the corn Goddesses. 

Rose/Rosette    The rose or rosette with four petals signifies femininity and also earthly passions. It was a symbol for the cross and means completion and perfection. This is seen in the symbol used by the Rosicrucian's. Roses and rosebuds are often used in love spells. 

Scarab Beetle   One of the most famous of all Egyptian amulets, the sacred scarab is an emblem of the Great Creator of the Universe. It is a symbol of perpetual renewal of life and is sacred to the God Khephra. It stands for health, strength and virility. Wear scarab beetle jewelry for good luck and protection against all evil forces.

Scorpion    The wearing of an amulet in this form was a protection against the sting of the scorpion. Much of the sacred imagery was later transferred to the scarab.

Seashells   Are a symbol of femininity and all the Goddesses, particularly the Mother Goddesses. Signifying birth and regeneration, they can be worn as jewelry, placed on altars or kept about the person as a sign of allegiance. They represent prosperity and marital bliss. 

Ship/Boat   As the nurturing aspect of the mother principle, there is a connection with the Mother Goddesses. Also, in ancient belief, it suggests the Sun God as he plies his boat across the sky. It has therefore come to represent passage between the various planes of existences. More recently it has come to mean commercial success and personal progress.

Skull   To help break the chain of any addiction, wear a gold skull shaped charm necklace as a magical amulet. It is said that if you rub the skull three times a day, while focusing your eyes upon it and thinking about the misery your addiction brings, you may be cured.

Snake   The snake has always stood for transformation and arcane knowledge because of its ability to shed its skin. As an amulet it reminds us of the necessity for constant change and transformation. In Egypt it was thought to protect the wearer against venomous snakes. As the uraeus it was supposed to protect the dead.

Spider  As a representative of Fate, and the weaver of destiny, an amulet in this form reminds the wearer of the intricacy with which life is formed. A lunar symbol of eternal transmutation, it is also representative of the fragility in each of us. It signifies business expertise, insight and astuteness and also unexpected luck concerning money.

Stag    This signifies the masculine power of regeneration. Like the deer it symbolizes all that is natural - it is the giver of spiritual gifts, beauty and mystical signs. It puts us under the protection of the nature Gods such as Pan.

Stork/Crane As the herald of spring and new life, it becomes obvious why the stork has become the symbol for new babies. In its other meaning, it signifies a long and fruitful life. In some cultures, it is said to protect households.

Sun Carry a gold charm shaped like the Sun in a gold or yellow colored velvet charm bag if you wish to acquire wealth, good health, success and/or fame. This is also an effective amulet to use if you feel that others have been causing you unnecessary problems. 

Swan    The symbol of the swan is traditionally said to be guide into dreamtime, giving access to the hidden parts of us that are enclosed in the unconscious. It also suggests dignity and majestic power. As an amulet it calls upon the energy and power that is our birthright. 

Sword   The sword represents justice and authority. It is a powerful protection against all forms of harm and also suggests courage and strength. It stands for the masculine principle and therefore for assertiveness arising from belief. It is of assistance in all commercial undertakings.

Thunderbolt The thunderbolt traditionally represents celestial fire and creative energy. It is sacred to all sky Gods such as Thor and as a symbol is good when aggression is needed. It is said to bring success over business rivals, so as an amulet it is worth having when such a vibration is needed.

Torch/Flame This is the spark of life and has similar connotations to the lantern or lamp. It often represents spiritual illumination and truth. It is obviously a fire symbol and speaks of prosperity and fertility, though perhaps more on a spiritual level than a material.

Tree    This is a universal symbol depicting the inter-relationship between the spiritual and physical planes and sometimes the Underworld. It is the world axis and links with Yggdrasil, the Tree of Life and the Tree of Knowledge. It is the process of birth, death, and rebirth. On the material plane, it is success, personal advancement and domestic happiness. 

Tulip bulb  Carry a tulip bulb as a natural amulet to bring love into your life. It is said that you should wear one around your neck or sleep with one under your pillow at night to attract a new lover. 

Turtle/Tortoise Said to be a representation of the three planes of existence, the spiritual (upper shell), the mental (the body) and the physical (lower shell), this is a powerful symbol. For spiritual protection, particularly against psychic attack, stimulation of creativity and strengthening of divinatory powers, wear a gold turtle-shaped charm or amulet. This would also ensure longevity and good fortune and compassion towards others. The turtle also signifies shyness and in Egypt was used as a protective device against evil. 

Unicorn The unicorn is an ancient symbol of chastity and protection, and its fabled horn was said to be used in medieval times as an amulet to detect poisons in the food or drink of kings, queens, popes and other eminent clergy and nobility. A lunar emblem, it is said it can only be seen by virgins and is protective of their virtue.

Uraeus  The uraeus or cobra head is an Egyptian symbol which wards off evil influences and guards against harm. It represents the all-seeing eye of God and the powers of life and death. It ties in with the symbolism of the snake. 

Vulture An amulet in the form of a vulture would afford protection by Wadjyit, an Egyptian Goddess. In ancient Egypt the vulture is usually seen side by side with the cobra or uraeus. Together they are a symbol of sovereignty. 

Wolf    A potent power animal, the wolf stands for Earth wisdom, knowledge and protection. As 'Leader of the Way' the wolf has some significance and its image used as an amulet gives a degree of protection.

Yin Yang    Both an ancient and a modern symbol, the Yin Yang is the embodiment and unification of all opposites. Rather than just representing the feminine and the masculine, it also represents dynamic and passive energy. It is a Chinese cosmic symbol.

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