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A Steampunk Hedgewitch's Grimoire

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I spend my life researching; I really like finding out new things. I've been trying to find a Pagan path that fits in with what I believe in. Currently that seems to be Hedgewitchery. Also, since I went to Wicked Winter Renaissance Fair and for the first time experience Steampunk. I hope to talk about both on this site. Because I've started working at my school's computer repair, I've lost a lot of faith in my laptop. I want to keep this as a back up grimoire so I don't loose all of the spells and such that I have collected. Happy reading!

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Finished putting up all of the spells I currently have in my grimoire and all of the sources where I got them. 
I've published the site today. I'm planning on adding things from my grimoire as soon as possible. 



Still Searching.