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A Steampunk Hedgewitch's Grimoire


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Anti-Depressant Talisman

Obtain a navy blue pouch drawn by a black string. Fill the pouch halfway with dark soil. Focus on all that is making you sad until your eyes tear. Drop a tear charged by your sadness into the pouch. Fill the rest of the way with soil. Invoke earth to charge the pouch. Draw the pouch shut, tie it off and invoke Saturn to bind it. Carry it with you for a period of time and then dispose of it and create another.

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Lottery Ticket Talisman


• Old scratch off ticket
• Lit candle
• Pen

Raise energy and focus on altering all three levels of the scratch off ticket. Then go over it with the pen, etching in mercury and Jupiter and money symbols, in places that don't have the actual game. Then draw over the game draw areas so that all the symbols are what you need to win. Then charge the ticket and yourself with money drawing energy. 
Then carrying this ticket-talisman in your pocket, go buy a new ticket of the same game as this old ticket.

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Invisibility Talisman

Invisibility is most easily gained by means of a ring. In this case the ring will be made to fit inside a hat of any sort. Write (on a strip of new paper just large enough to wrap around your head) your name and a description of the sort of "hiding" you wish to occur. Seal the ends of the paper together with black wax, and put it inside your cap. You might find this useful for speed-driving on the highway.

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