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A Steampunk Hedgewitch's Grimoire

Knot Magick

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(1) To Cure Sickness  (Ball 211)

  • 8-inch length of cord

Mark the cord six times so that you have seven equal lengths.
Make sure you are well grounded.
Repeat the following six times and tie a knot each time:

        Sickness, no one bids you stay.
        It's time for you to fade away.
        Through these knots I bid you leave,
        By these words which I do weave.

Put the cord in a container of salt (this represents burying in the Earth). Create a seal for the container with the above incantation written on a piece of paper. Then dispose of the container appropriately, perhaps in running Water.

The number six has particular relevance here because it is widely accepted as the number of the Sun, which is restorative and regenerative. 

(2) General Incantation for Tying Knots (Ball 209)
When using a cord in spellwork, there is an accepted way of tying the nine knots needed in your cord. After tying the knots in both ends, try the following incantation and placing of the knots:

        By knot of ONE, the spell's begun
        By knot of TWO, it cometh true
        By knot of THREE, so shall it be
        By knot of FOUR, this power is more
        By knot of FIVE, 'twill now survive
        By knot of SIX, this spell I fix
        By knot of SEVEN, let it be given
        By knot of EIGHT, now welcome Fate
        By knot of NINE, what's done is mine. 

(3) To Clear Evil Intent (Ball 212)
This next incantation banishes hexes (an evil influence put upon you by someone else) and curses. Knot magic, because it binds the other person, has long been used for the purposes of undoing such acts. It is said that, if someone has used knot magic against you, if you can find the original cord used and undo the knots (clear the curse), you can be free of it. This is one of the few times when it is considered correct to turn something back on its originator, a kind of instant retribution. If you cannot find the original binding cord the following will suffice since it represents the original burying of the bottle which is part of casting a hex.

  • Length of string
  • Bottle

Bury the string; after three days dig it up. Put the bottle on the floor or ground and say:
        A curse on me you buried deep
        To make me sick, you evil creep.
        I place a knot into this twine
        And so your work was worked in vain.
Shatter the bottle and undo the knot at the same time; the original curse is now invalid. The curse is transferred by the power of your spell to the cord, which is then disposed of, preferably by burning. The assumption is that your magic is stronger than the person who has wished you ill.

(4) Tying a Knot for Love (Ball 213)

  • 3 lengths of cord or string of various pleasing pastel colors, perhaps pink, red and green

Braid the cords very tightly together, all the time concentrating on what you want. Firmly tie a knot near one end of the braid, thinking of your need of love.
Tie another knot, and then another, until you have tied seven knots, equally spaced apart. Wear or carry the cord with you until you find your true love. 
After that, keep the cord in a safe place, or give it to one of the Elements, burn and scatter the ashes in the ocean or a stream. 

Still Searching.