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A Steampunk Hedgewitch's Grimoire


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(1) To Enhance Your Attractiveness  (Ball 84)
This spell is as much about changing your attitude to yourself as it is about influencing someone else. The better you feel about yourself, the easier you will find it to attract others. The incantation helps to fix the idea in your mind.

  • 3 candles (red, pink, or white)
  • A clean bathroom (to give you a fresh start)
  • Salt
  • White or pink cloths or towels (to cover the mirrors)
  • Special lotions, potions or incense that please you
  • Relaxing music

Clean your bathroom very well. If you have any mirrors in your bathroom, cover them with the cloth or towels (you are creating a new image and do not wish to fall into the old one)

Light you incense (if using). Run a warm bath. Add a handful of salt and any other cleansing potions to it and say:
        I am renewed from today,
        Negativity washed away,
        The one I desire will choose to stay.

Light the candles. Concentrate on your good points. If there is someone you have in mind, also concentrate on them. Play your music, immerse yourself in the water and relax.

Stay in the bath as long as you can. Make sure at some point you are completely immersed. When you feel ready, repeat your opening words, adding others you feel are appropriate under the circumstances.

(2) Chameleon Invisibility Spell (
This "invisibility" spell takes practice and falls into the realms of meditation and mental magick. The Spell:

"Dragon fog and chameleon sight, I command the shrouded sea.
I blend the mist, I mix the light, Refract, around, behind me"

Memorize it, then practice making the edges of yourself fuzzy while chanting the spell. No you won't disappear in front of someone's eyes, but if a person isn't thinking about you, then you can move well without being seen, sort of like a chameleon that blends in with it's surroundings

(3) Wear Green Spell (Feng Shui Tip of the Day)

Any time that you wear green you're thought to be embracing and then imbibing the qualities of healing, peace and growth, or so this philosophy says. During these very early Spring days it should also be noted that green is also the color associated with the energies of renewal, rebirth and fresh, new beginnings. Wearing a bit of the green is also believed to bring healing and balance back to the body while quietly calming nerves and nourishing depleted Chi. WOW! What a lucky little color. Want to inspire a little envy? I think we know what you have to wear

(4) Green Star Spell (Feng Shui Tip of the Day)

March 27. Spring, the season of fertility and growth, hope and rejuvenation is upon us and offers a chance to bring those same qualities into every aspect of our own lives. On this day, take a green pen, colored pencil or marker and draw a green star on white paper. Color the whole star green and then outline the star in black ink. Now place the star in any space where you'll see it at least several times throughout the day. Using sacred geometry in this sort of symbolic way actually activates or triggers both a psychological and a physiological response each time you spy this stellar sign. Green, the color of healing, health, fertility and maturity, and the star, a universal symbol of hope, now combine to bring you your own personal growth spurt as well as consistently reminding you that something spectacular is about to burst forth in your own secret garden

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