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A Steampunk Hedgewitch's Grimoire

Love: Attraction

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(1) Herbal Charm to Attract Love (Ball 32)

○ A circle of rose or red-colored cloth with any of the following:
○ Acacia, rose, myrtle, jasmine or lavender petals, in any combination or singly.
○ A red felt heart
○ Copper coin or ring
○ Blue thread of ribbon

As you fill the cloth with your items, visualize the type of lover you are looking for. Tie the cloth with blue thread or ribbon, in seven knots. As you tie the knots you may chant an incantation such as:

        Seven knots I tie above,
        Seven knots for me and love.
Hang this at your bedhead and await results.

(2) To Bring Romantic Love to You (Ball 33)

○ A sprig of rosemary (for remembrance)
○ A piece of rose Quartz crystal
○ Rose or vanilla incense
○ 1 pink or red votive candle
○ Small box
○ Red marker/pen

Sit in your own most powerful place. (That might be inside, outside, near your favorite tree or by running water) First, write in red on the box 'Love is mine'. Light the incense - this clears the atmosphere and puts you in the right mood. Put the rosemary and the rose quartz in the box. Put anything else that represents love to you in the box (drawings of hearts, poems, or whatever - be creative). This spell is to attract love to you, not a specific lover so don't use a representation of a particular person. Be in a very positive state of mind. Imagine yourself very happy and in love. Burn the candle and say:

        I am love
        Love I will find
        True love preferably
        Will soon be mine
        Love is me
        Love I seek
        My true love
        I will soon meet

Now sit for a little while and concentrate again on being happy. Then pinch out the candle and add it to the box. Let the incense burn out. Seal the box shut and don't open it until you have found your true love. When you have found your lover, take the rose quartz out of the box and keep it as a reminder. Bury the entire box in the earth. 

(3) To Bring Someone into Your Life  (Ball 70)
This spell can be used to attract love or draw a companion closer. It should be started on the night of a New Moon.

  • 1 salt shaker
  • 1 pepper shaker
(or two objects which obviously make a pair)
  • 1 piece of pink ribbon about one meter long.

Assign one article as the feminine person and one as the masculine.

Take the piece of pink ribbon, and tie the female object to one end and the male to the other, leaving a good length of ribbon between them.

Every morning untie the ribbon, move the objects a little closer together and retie the knots. Eventually the objects will touch.

Leave them bound together for seven days before untying them. By this time, love should have entered your life.

(4) To Find a New Lover  (Ball 77)
This spell works best if it is performed at the time of a New Moon. All the materials you use for this spell are new so that you change the basic vibration and can look forward with hope to new and better times.

A heart-shaped rose petal or a red heart cut out of paper
A clean sheet of white paper
A new pen
A new candle (preferably pink)
A new envelope

On the day of a New Moon, cut a red heart out of paper or card. Take a clean sheet of white paper and write on it with the new pen:

        As this heart shines in candlelight,
        I draw you to me tonight.
Bathe and change into nightclothes. When ready, light the candles and read the spell out loud. Hold the heart in front of the flame and let the candlelight shine on it.

Place the heart and spell in a new envelope. Seal it with wax from the candle.

Conceal the envelope and leave it untouched for one cycle of the Moon (28 days). By the time the Moon is new again, there should be a new love in your life.

(5) To Beckon a Person  (Ball 78)
This is a very simple method of putting out a vibration which, if the relationship has a chance of succeeding, will make the other person aware of you. It does not force the other person to do anything, but simply paves the way. *Remember - Sometimes the Universe just says NO.*

Say the following:

        Know I move to you
        As you move to me.
        As I think of you,
        Think also of me.
        As I call your name, 
        Call me to you.
        Come to me in love.
Say the person's name three times (if known). You may need to recite the whole spell several times in order to feel the proper effect.

(6) For a Lover to Come to You  (Ball 79)
This spell is reputed to work very quickly. Red candles represent passion, so you must take responsibility for whatever happens when you call your lover to you.

  • Two silver pins
  • A red candle

Stick two silver pins through the middle of a red candle at midnight. Concentrate on your lover. Repeat his or her name several times.

After the candle burns down to the pins, your lover will arrive.

(7) To Achieve Your Heart's Desire  (Ball 80)
This is quite an effective spell and does give you something to do while you are waiting for true love!

  • A fresh rose - preferably red and perfumed
  • Two red candles

Find out the time of the next sunrise. Just before going to sleep, place a red candle on either side of the rose.

The next morning at Sunrise take the rose outside. Hold the rose in front of you and say

        This red rose is for true love.
        True love come to me.
Now go back inside and put the rose between the candles again. Light the candles and visualize love burning in the heart of the one you want.

Keep the candles burning day and night until the rose fades. When the rose is dead, pinch out the candles and then bury the rose.

(8) To Strengthen Attraction (Ball 81)
If you love someone but feel that they are not reciprocating, try this spell. Be aware, though, that by using this spell you are trying to have a direct effect on the other person. Before you perform it you should have tried to work out why they seem indifferent and consider whether what you are proposing is appropriate. If, for instance, the person you want to attract has not learnt how to commit to a relationship, it would be unfair to try and influence them. (This could be against the person's will and bad karma - anything involving the other person's hair without their consent is usually a bad idea. Wouldn't do it.)

  • A few strands of the person's hair
  • A rose-scented incense stick

Light the incense. Repeat the name of the one you long for, saying each time

        [Name] love me now.

Hold the hair on the burning incense until it frizzles away. As the hair burns, think of their indifference dissipating and being replaced by passion. Leave the incense to burn out.

(9) To Have Your Love Returned (Ball 82)
This spell is more complicated because it requires an understanding of symbolism. The objects you use need not be the real things, they can be miniaturizations such as cake decorations (see charms on page 268 of Ball). The horseshoe represents luck in love, the key represents the key to your heart, and the gold candle represents the relationship. Traditionally a pink candle represents the female and the blue the male, so adjust your colors accordingly. You might use this spell when you think a relationship with someone would be good.

  • One pink candle
  • One blue candle
  • One gold candle
  • Horseshoe
  • Key
  • Two roses
  • An article of their clothing (failing that, use something of your own)

On a Friday, light the pink and blue candles (pink first if you are female, blue if male), followed by the gold. Place the horseshoe and key on either side of the candles, with the roses between them.

When the candles have burnt down, wrap the flowers, the key and the horseshoe in the clothing. Place the items in a bedroom drawer and leave them alone for a fortnight (fourteen days). 

If the flowers are still fresh, this is a good sign. (is that possible?) You should then bury them, or put them (along with the horseshoe and key) in a potpourri. 

(10) To Bring a Loving Relationship to You  (Ball 83)
This spell is again looking for true love, not a particular person. It is a very gentle spell that uses natural rhythms to achieve its ends.

  • Rose petals (preferably wild)
  • A natural source of moving water (not a household tap)

Visualize a person with the qualities of your ideal mate. Collect the petals. Take the petals to any source of moving water.

Throw the petals into the water and say:
        As this rose moves out to sea,
        So true love will come to me.

Repeating the incantation, again visualize your idea mate.

Flowing water is a powerful medium and carrier of energies. Flowing outwards it carries your energy towards new experiences. Flowing inwards it draws love to you.

(11) Partnership Spell  (Ball 86)
List the qualities you desire in a partner and burn the list, thinking very strongly of your part in the relationship. Blow the ashes to the four winds. Your new interest will soon materialize.

Be careful, since you might get more than you had intended.

(12) To Create Opportunities for Love  (Ball 87)
This is not a spell to draw a person to you, but more to 'open the way' - to alert the other person to the possibility of a relationship with you. Let's assume there is someone in whom you are interested, but the interest does not seem to be reciprocated. This spell ensures there are no hindrances, but there has to be at least some feeling for it to stand a chance of working. The spell should be performed on a Friday.

  • A wine glass
  • A ring (traditionally your mother's wedding ring would be used)
  • Red silk ribbon about 30 inches (80cm)long

Put a wine glass right way up on the table.

Make a pendulum by suspending the ring from the red silk ribbon. Hold the pendulum steady by resting your elbow on the table, with the ribbon between your thumb and forefinger. Let the ring hang in the mouth of the wine glass.

Clearly say your name followed by that of the other person. Repeat their name twice (three times in all).

Then, thinking of them, spell their name out loud.

Allow the ring to swing and tap against the wine glass once for each letter of their name. Tie the ribbon around your neck, allowing the ring to hang down over your heart.

Wear it for three weeks and repeat the spell every Friday for three weeks. By the end of the third week, the person you have in your sights will show an interest, unless it is not meant to be.

(13) To Win the Heart of the One You Love  (Ball 88)
You do need patience for this spell and you may well find that you lose the impetus for the relationship before the spell is complete. This would suggest that the relationship may not be right for you.

  • An onion bulb
  • A new flowerpot

Scratch the name of the one you love on the base of the bulb. Plant it in earth in the pot. Place the pot on a windowsill facing the direction in which your sweetheart lives.

Over the bulb, repeat the name of the one you desire morning and night until the bulb takes root, begins to shoot and finally blooms. Say the following incantation daily.

        May its roots grow,
        May its leaves grow,
        May its flowers grow,
        And as it does so,
        [name of person]'s love grow.

(14) To Have a Person Think About You  (Ball 89)
This is another spell that works over time. A relationship that grows slowly generally has more chance of success than a whirlwind romance, and that is what is represented here.

  • Packet of seeds
  • Pot of soil (to grow them in)
  • A small copper object, such as a penny

On a night when the Moon is waxing, go outside and hold the penny in the Moonlight. 

Bury the penny in the soil in the pot.

Sprinkle the seeds on top to form the initial of the other person's name.

As the seeds germinate, love should also grow. Remember that just as plants need nurturing, so does love.

(15) To Rekindle Your Lover's Interest  (Ball 90)
This technique is worth trying when your lover is not paying you enough attention. You are using the laurel leaves to back up the energy that you are putting into making the relationship work. 

  • A large quantity of laurel leaves
  • A fire

Sit in front of the embers of a fire and gaze into them, concentrating on your lover. Keep your gaze fixed on the fire.

With you left hand, throw some laurel leaves onto the embers. As they burn, say:

        Laurel leaves burn in the fire.
        Bring to me my heart's desire.

Wait until the flames die down, then do the same again.

Repeat this action once more.

It is said that within 24 hours your lover will come to you. 

(16) A Love Tree Spell  (Ball 133)
This spell uses all of the Elements in a very simple fashion. As with all love spells in particular, you must take responsibility for what you do.

  • 2 leaves on which you can draw
  • Green thread
  • Needle
  • Seven pennies

On one of the leaves, draw an image of yourself. On the other, draw a representation of your ideal love, or the ideal person you want to meet. Using green thread, sew the two together and knot the thread tightly. Find a tree that you like. Within a natural crevice or hole, hid the leave inside and secure it well. As you are doing this say:

        Tree of Earth, Water, Air, and Fired
        Grant me the love that I desire.
Bury seven pennies at the tree base. You might like to visit the tree as often you can to reinforce your relationship with the Dryads and Nature Spirits.

(17) A Ring Love Spell  (Feng Shui Tip of the Day) 

For single women only: Wear a ring on your right index finger that you know will allow you to meet that perfect partner sometime inside the next three months. Then, once you have the mate of your dreams, don't fall asleep at the proverbial wheel. If you think that the relationship and romance that ring bought round to you is worth a lifetime, switch the ring and wear it on your right middle finger. This will prompt the partner to ask for your hand sometime in the ensuing three months. A half year to happiness sounds just about right to me!

(18) Hot Chocolate as Aphrodisiac  (Feng Shui Tip of the Day) 

If you are trying to win the love of that special someone do what th e Aztec and the Maya and so many cultures have done since then and serve them a cup of steaming hot chocolate. Of course, if you were to rip a page out of those Spanish cookbooks and top off this treat with a pinch of powdered cinnamon and sprinkle of cardamom, well, just don't say I didn't warn you. Be careful what you wish for, in this case you'll definitely spice things up and get what you desire.

(19) Hand-held Mirror Spell  (Feng Shui Tip of the Day) 

On any of the three nights of any month's full Moon, leave a small hand-held mirror outside, reflective side facing up so that the marriage god in the moon 'charges' the mirror with essence and energies. At the end of the three days, move the mirror inside making sure to immediately cover it with silk or satin and being equally sure that no one else sees or handles this piece. Then put it somewhere private and safe for the next 27 days. At the end of that time frame, picture yourself in a wonder-filled and committed relationship as you stare into your magic mirror. Holding the mirror in front of you continue visualizing and pouring those intentions into the looking glass. If you actually have a specific someone who's attention you'd like to capture, carry the mirror with you and then orchestrate being in their presence somehow. When they are not looking, flash the mirror in their direction capturing their essence and then put it back in its case. It won't even take near that long for you to see rewarding relationship results!

(20) Dream of a Lover  (Feng Shui Tip of the Day) 

With only one day to go before Cupid loads his bow and starts to shoot his heart targeted arrows all over the place, it's only appropriate for the energies of this evening center around 'dreaming your sweetie.' So in deference to those energies, here are some time tested and tradition-filled ways of finding out who your perfect partner is just by getting a good night's sleep: Pick a sprig of rosemary while infusing it with the power of your intention to find the name of your intended. Place the herb under your pillow and then right before you slip off to sleep be thinking about seeing your love in your slumber. Or, you can remove the four cards from the four suits from a deck of playing cards that represent the suitor you are wishing for (kings for a man, queens for a woman) and put them under your pillow to awaken a dream that will tell of your future love. You should then, sometime during the night, definitely dream of your next romantic encounter.

(21) Pink Rose Spell  (Feng Shui Tip of the Day) 

Now, if you want to make your relationship dreams come true then try this: on a Friday night, take a long stemmed pink rose and remove the thorns. Now trim the stem until it is about one inch long. Pierce this piece with a straight pin so that the tip emerges from the other side. Fill a screwtop jar with water and drop the rose in. Each night for seven consecutive, light a pink candle that has been placed beside the jar and then blow it out right before you retire for your rest. After the prescribed seven nights and when the rose finally fades, toss the petals outside and into the wind. The promise of the pledge is that your new and true love should come calling sometime within 28 days of completing this exercise. Just remember, a rose by any other name can completely smell just as saweeeeet!

*Note:Keep in mind the concept of free will and whether you would really want to control someone else's. Most of these spells are general, but some of them are for specific people. Just think before you cast!

Still Searching.