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A Steampunk Hedgewitch's Grimoire

Household Blessing

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(1) A Blessing - A Crystal for the Home (Ball 72)
Altar not necessary, power + your energy + your deity's energy = fine. Remember that you are asking for a blessing so that the crystal becomes almost like a generator of spiritual power within the home. For this reason, we would suggest you stand in a spot that you estimate is as close to the centre of your home as possible.

A suitable crystal (e.g. rock crystal or rose quartz)

Holding the crystal, imbue it first with your own energy then the power of your particular deity. Ask for a blessing for both the crystal and your home. (It is best if you use your own form of words for this and keep it as simple as possible)

When you have finished, place the crystal somewhere prominent where its beauty and energy can be appreciated.

(2) Household Blessing (Chronicle 14)
On a low table, place a forest green scarf, brown candles, and natural objects FOUND NEAR YOUR HOME that represent your environment: leaves, flowers, twigs, stones. Add a sweetly scented sachet of potpourri, made from your kitchen garden if possible. Add personal mementos like an antique silver locket with a photo of your mother. Take your favorite essential oils and burn some in an oil lamp. 
Then anoint the candles while concentrating on peace and bliss surrounding your home.
Say This Spell Aloud:

Here burns happiness for me.
Peace and harmony are in abundance,
And here true happiness surrounds.
From now on, there is only abundance,
And disharmony is gone.
Be it ever thus that happiness is the light
That burns bright here.
This is a home of peace and blessings.
Here, happiness lives.

This consecrated place will ease your spirit at any time. Your altar connects you to the earth of which you are a part, of which you are made. 

(3) Basil Spell for Prosperity and Tranquility (Feng Shui Tip of the Day)

Uh oh. Better beware the ides of March! This was the soothsayer's warning to Julius Caesar in Shakespeare's play and now this date is imbued with a sense of foreboding, fear and dread. On this day you should surround your home with fresh basil to draw in and increase peace, prosperity and harmony within the home as well as to stimulate tranquility, cooperation and angelic assistance. Place pots of fresh basil by your front entrance while throwing pieces of basil around the entire outside perimeter (remembering always to walk in a clockwise direction when doing any clearing, cleansing and house blessing work.) If it's not possible for you to grow or scatter basil then place fresh basil in a pot or vase and put it in a prominent place in the kitchen, being sure to replace it as soon as it starts to spoil or wilt. The Ides might have it, but the basil's the bomb! 

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