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A Steampunk Hedgewitch's Grimoire


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(1) Milagro Animal Spell (Illes 114)
1. Charge a Milagro with your desire for protection or healing.
2. Attach it to the animal as appropriate, on the collar or otherwise.
3. Conversely, carve and dress a candle, charging it with your desires or goals after charging the Milagro.
4. Stick the Milagro onto (or into) the wax candle before burning it. 

(2) Milagro Animal Spell Protection Board (Illes 115)
This concept may also be incorporated into a magic spell box. Place the Milagro itself inside the box or use it to decorate the box itself.

1. Mount the Milagro on the fabric-covered cardboard together with other appropriate images and written affirmations. Incorporate sacred texts as desired.
2. Post this board on the wall or use it as the focal point of a candle-burning altar. 

Milagro Animal Spells
- Milagros, which translate as "miracles" in Spanish, are votive images, typically cut from metal, although wooden and gemstone Milagros do exist. The most famous Milagros are formed in the shape of human anatomical parts: eyes, legs, hearts or arms, for instance. They are traditionally donated to a deity or saint in exchange for healing or protection of whatever is depicted. Milagros are also sometimes formed in the shape of animals, in order to provide protection and healing for the animal depicted. (Illes 114) 

Mistletoe: For human and animal fertility spells. (Aids conception and prevents miscarriage) The amuletic part of mistletoe is usually the "wood": be cautious as mistletoe can be toxic, especially the berries. Either hang mistletoe in the barn or attach a piece to the animal herself. (Illes 115)

Mugwort: Hang branches of mugwort on gates and field boundaries to protect the animals within from malevolent magic and spiritual danger. (Illes 115)

*Note: Remember Illes' work is for historical reference and is not suggested for use!!

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