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A Steampunk Hedgewitch's Grimoire


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(1) Circle of Healing (Illes 110)
Cast a circle with blooming thistles: demarcate the entire circle or place one bloom in each of the four cardinal points. Bring the animal within the circle in order to intensify the effects of any healing or cleansing spells.

(2) Saint Benedict's Healing Spell (Illes 110)
Burn a white candle dedicated to Saint Benedict (even though he persecuted pagans) and offer him a glass of brandy or Benedictine. Make your petition for healing; Saint Benedict's animal ally is the crow. Look for the appearance of a crow to indicate as response to your petition.

(3) Masterwort Strength Spell (Illes 110)
Masterwort allegedly imparts greater physical strength and has been used to assist beasts of burden. Place masterwort in an amulet bag and attach to the animal as desired.

(4) Mistletoe Fertility Spells (Illes 115)
Mistletoe allegedly enhances the reproductive capacity of animals. Not only does it promote conception, it's believed to prevent miscarriage, particularly for sheep and goats. The amuletic part of mistletoe is usually the "wood": be cautious as mistletoe can be TOXIC, especially the berries.
    ○ Hang a mistletoe in the barn
    ○ Attach a piece of mistletoe to the animal herself. 

*Note: Remember Illes' work is for historical reference and is not suggested for use. !!

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