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the attic


The Story that I've been working on for forever.

The Basic Plot of my story is that a girl, named "Darcie" gets accepted to a magic school. Call it a Harry Potter knockoff if you will but I'm trying my hardest to keep it away from J.K. Rowling's ideas. Darcie is the 7th generation Brennan female. A prophecy was fortold that the 7th generation Brennan female would birth 5 children who would tip the balance between good and evil for all the ages. Everyone has heard of this prophecy, however and they either 1) Steer clear of her, fearing that she'll pop out an alien any minute, 2) Try to get in her pants so that they have sway over the good or evil that will rule the world for the prophecy says that they will tip the balance but don't state for which side. You'll just have to find out when it gets published, won't you because yes, I will be published one day. Love and Hugs. Blessed Be. ~Athic


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The Scariest Thing About Memories is Believing You Will Forget Them