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the attic

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Six (book 1) - Phaedra

Primary Characters
An anxious but independent orphan who dreams of one day learning enough magic to be able to contact her parents on the other side.
Darcie's best, and vampyrical, friend who is her main support system throughout her childhood years.
Uncle Kaikurg Brennan:
Darcie's alcoholic elfin uncle whom she lives with until she gets accepted into the Academy.
The first Academy student that Darcie meets on the train. He's also a vampyre who forms a major protective bond with Darcie and acts as a surrogate older brother.
The house mother and mother figure to all of the students in the Mushrom. She is a siren and not attractive but is warm and loving...she is beautiful on the inside.
The archetypical scrawny tough-guy who can change into any animal corresponding with his mood (this is called a faunotic). He forms a fast friendship with Darcie.
Originally Gryphon's girlfriend who's flirtaciousness causes problems in the house. She is also a vampyre.
The sterotypical 'prep' who comes from an aquatic race of Hyfs. He often provides unwanted political and argumentative insight.
The jerk of the Academy who's purpose seems solely to make Darcie and her friends miserable. His political affliations are that of the Le Grend party whose leader plans on world domination.
Mr. Ludus:
A kindly old man who is the owner of the island and principle of the Academy for the Practice of the Magical Arts.
A foster child who, like Darcie, is the victim of alcoholic guardians. He is very artistic and is only truly happy while playing his guitar. Sometimes he's referred to as the emo kid.
Daughter of the Legendary Invisible Man and royal pain in the 'you know where'. She complains contantly and acts coldhearted but it is only because she is afraid that nobody could ever love someone that they couldn't see.
A werewolf and the boy that Darcie immediately connects with. His passion is for his drum kit but he is a hopeless romantic skater boy.
A banshee who's laid-back and completely random attitude make her the constant comic relief.
The Academy's self-appointed funny guy, Phoenix tries his hardest to make people laugh to hide his lacking social skills.
Quite an annoying wizard who just really wants to be liked. Ian's the klutz of the group and is constantly being picked on.
Blade Roehm's girlfriend and the epitome of a preppy cheerleader, Sage's immediate dislike for Darcie is evident from their first shared class.Sage is a Muse.
Blade's bumbling oaf of a cousin who does everything Blade tells him to do, including 'protecting' Sage. He's not that bright.
Jace's older brother who is a goon for Blade but is obviously the brains of the outfit. His powers and even his personality frighten Darcie.
The lead 'Captain' who becomes the Mushroom's house father. He's a hacker and the 'accountant' for the Captains. He becomes a mentor figure to many of the students in the Mushroom including Darcie.

The Scariest Thing About Memories is Believing You Will Forget Them