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A Steampunk Hedgewitch's Grimoire

Household Proctection

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(1) Ring of Protection (Ball 72)
In this method of working you place a protective shield around your home so that no harm can come to either it or the people therein. 

  • The power of your mind

Visualize a ring of light surrounding your property. Ask your guardians or deities to protect it and its occupants for as long as necessary.

Reinforce the circle of light whenever you go away or whenever you think about it.

(2) Outside Building (Kaldera 31)
Start with the outside of the building. Even if it's a big apartment complex full of other people's rooms, the first layer should enclose the entire building. After all, you'll want to feel safe on the steps and in the hall as well as in your own rooms. You can do this with plain old salt, or salt and herbs, or salt and spices. If you add herbs to the mix, you can either get traditional "rural" protective herbs, assuming you have a source, or use city plants that you might find around. Examples of traditional protective herbs include bay, agrimony, rue, sage and pennyroyal. City plants that have protective vibrations include knotgrass, mullein, plantain, and oak leaves. You can chop or powder them, or keep the leaves whole. Appropriate spices include white and black pepper, cayenne, or crumbled chili peppers. Another really good thing to use is cornmeal; in a pinch, even granola or crumbled cold cereal will work. Mix the whole mess together with the salt and walk around the building clockwise, sprinkling so that it falls along the edge of the foundation. While you're doing this activity, picture protective energy growing up out of the ground and surrounds the building like ivy or vines crawling over the whole place, growing in fast motion. 

(3) Door Protection (Kaldera 31)
Make sure the line of salt mix crosses just outside the threshold of each door, and put an extra amount there. If there is an actual patch of earth by the door, such as a bed for flowers or foundation plantings, bury a small bottler there. Use a soda bottle and fill it with stones, nails, tacks, pins, small plastic guns ( you can cut them off of small plastic soldiers), and other sharp or dangerous-looking items. Add salt. Cork it and bury it facing away from the steps. If there is no earth, paint protective symbols on it with some clear but substantial liquid such as vegetable oil.  Draw othila in oil on the doorframe. You can also hang bells or horseshoes or small plastic weapons, guns or sword pennants. 

(4) Chicken Foot Door Protection (Kaldera 32)
One of the most impressive door protection spells you can do is this: go down to the butcher and ask for chicken feet. Some of the butchers or grocers that cater to ethnic groups will have them. Buy or make a small toy gun or sword. Wrap the chicken foot's toes around the weapon as if it is holding it - if it's a gun, put one claw through the trigger - and wrap with lots of string. Then put the whole thing in a pan and cover it entirely with salt (any kind, though we prefer kosher or sea salt). Leave it for a month in a warm, dry place, after which time it will be completely preserved and mummified, and should hold its shape when you take the string off. If it doesn't hold the weapon perfectly on its own, it's ok to use tome glue. Then hang it, pointing down, over your most-used door, and picture it only harming those who enter to do you and yours harm.  

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