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A Steampunk Hedgewitch's Grimoire


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(1) Calling the Dryads (Ball 54)

  • Birthday cake candles of different colors
  • Ice cream sticks or nutshells such as walnuts
  • Water in a natural pool, pond or bowl


Use different color candles to attract different 'families' of Dryad. Fix the candles into the half shells or onto the slivers of wood with hot wax. (This can be very fiddly, but be patient. Use half candles as this is easier.)

Light each candle with a blessing and float your boats on the surface of the water. Send loving thoughts to the Nature spirits and ask them to join you. You might use an invocation such as:

        Awake you spirits of the forest green
        Join me now
        Let yourselves be seen
Now sit quietly and just listen. Shortly you will sense the presence of the Dryads, often as there are strange rustlings in the trees of vegetation. You may feel them as they brush past you or play around you. Initially you will probably not be able to differentiate between them, but as time goes on you will sense subtle differences.

Half close your eyes and see if you can see them. Again don't be too disappointed if nothing happens immediately, just accept that you will be aware of them eventually. Now, invite them to play with you.

        Come, Dryads all, come join with me
        Explore Earth, Sky, Sand and Sea
        Show me, guide me, take my hands
        Together thus, we see new lands
        New vistas, new horizons and knowledge of old
        Come together, in power enfold

When they are comfortable with you, and you with them, thank them for coming and leave the area tidy. 

You can leave the candles to burn out if it is safe to do so.

Still Searching.