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A Steampunk Hedgewitch's Grimoire


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(1) Destiny Turning Written Spell (Feng Shui Tip of the Day)

In a red pen, anytime today, write an affirmation that comes from one of my mentors, Florence Scovel Shinn. Write this at least nine times in a row and be sure to say these words of wisdom at least that many times, consecutively, both silently and aloud. Of course, as with any affirmation, it's always best to write it in red for at least nine times a day for nine days in a row. And if you want to make sure that every word you write becomes your personal magic wand then you'll want to wave your pen and repeat this exercise for the next 27 days. But if all that time and energy sounds a little extreme, let's just stick with moving all the energies that we can today simply by saying this little spectacular something: 'The tide of Destiny has turned and everything comes my way.' Now, go ahead and banish any bad from the past and be sure to speak out for the beautiful gift this present brings. Happy surprises are about to come your way!

(2) Acorn Fertility of Mind and Body Spell (Feng Shui Tip of the Day)

March 10, 2009
It's believed that acorns gathered on any one of the three nights of the 'Storm Moon' will offer extraordinary power to manifest dreams and desires if those same acorns are then displayed in plain sight. If you've access to an oak tree, grab some acorns now to see some sweet dreams come true a little later. But if you can't find any acorns, display a bowl of walnuts instead for all the same reasons. Sounds nutty, I know, but it really does work! 

(3) Assorted Luck Spells (Feng Shui Tip of the Day)

Some cultures maintain that burning a baby's very first diaper will gift that wee one with luck all their life. The Pennsylvania Dutch believe that it's very good luck to kiss under a covered bridge. Other traditions say changing the rings on your fingers will positively change your luck. Hide a lucky bean and don't let anyone know where. Give a homeless person a pair of NEW shoes. Sprinkle nutmeg and ginger on a lottery ticket. Trim your nails on a Monday morning before you set off to work. And then there's the best luck! Coming across money you've previously put away and forgotten is believed to bring big fortunes. Hold onto the first new coin that comes way right after the ball drops on the New Year or anytime after the time of your delivery on your birthday. And, please, always remember that coincidence is only the language of destiny.

(4) Hawaiian Bubble Spell (Feng Shui Tip of the Day)

If you engage in any sort of competition and want to get a leg up, try an age-old Hawaiian Huna technique that involves using both visualization and a specific, proven successful breathing technique. Standing straight with feet planted firmly on the ground, breathe in through the nose and out through the mouth. Do this four times in succession with fifteen seconds between each breath. All the while 'see' a white bubble above your head and visualize the preferred and perfect outcome of all your efforts occurring inside that bubble. Whether your final result sees you accepting the cup at the French Open or getting the French onion soup as a member of the winning doubles team at the loc al country club, create the scene with clarity and enthusiasm over your head and blow some life into it. Breathe in and fill your belly and then once your visual is set, BLOW your breath out into that bubble over your head. Blow hard. Wait fifteen seconds and repeat this sequence all over again. Repeat this process four separate times. Nice and easy does it. Rest assured that breathing life into this victorious bubble will position you firmly in the center of your personal proverbial Winner's Circle.

(5) April Fools Day (Feng Shui Tip of the Day)

No fooling, superstition says that if you're going to play a prank today that you need to do so before the clock strikes noon. It's also believed that any practical joking going on after noon can possibly have the prankster finding out that the joke's on them, since perpetrating pranks after this hour is believed to bestow some mighty bad luck. It's said that parents and teachers who were looking for a break from all that April foolin' around started this stipulation. Feng Shui teaches that there are optimum times to perform important tasks, even if the they involve whoopee cushions! Anytime you decide to perform a ritual or ceremony of any sort, or if you have to schedule an important appointment or meeting, try to do so during the Feng Shui auspicious hours of 11 to 1, day or night. These are the hours most filled with fortune and luck. And on this particular day, quite possibly a hand buzzer too!

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