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A Steampunk Hedgewitch's Grimoire


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(1) Discovering a Lover's Initials  (Ball 76)
If you wish to find out the initials of a future partner's first and last name, use this Romany custom. (The rhyme or charm commemorates two Christian saints. It is possible that the references are ironic. St. Simon and St. Jude were martyrs at the same time. St. Jude is the patron saint of hopeless cases.)

Take an apple and peel it without allowing the peel to break. Holding the peel in your right hand, say the following:

        Saint Simon and Saint Jude,
        On you I intrude,
        With this paring, to discover,
        The first letter of my own true lover.
Turn around three times in a counter-clockwise direction before throwing the peel over your left shoulder. The peel is said to fall in the shape of your future lover's initial. Another technique to bring about the same result is to hang the peel inside the entrance to your home. The first person who enters will bear the same initial as your future lover.

(2) True Love or Illusion  (Ball 76)
Another custom is to take an apple seed and give it the name of your lover. Place it in the embers of a fire. If it pops, the person loves you; any other reaction and it isn't true love. To divine if a couple will stay together - remembering that Romany marriage was for life - drop two apple seeds together into the embers of a fire. If they both fly off in the same direction, the relationship will be lasting.

(3) To Get Someone to Call  (Ball 92)
This spell is a good one to use if you have had an argument with someone you love and would prefer them to make the first move towards reconciliation. It is probably best done when the Moon is in its expansive, waxing phase, since more energy is available at this time, but it doesn't matter if you can't wait until then.


  • A photograph or something that represents the other person
  • A photograph of yourself
  • Paper clip

Use a paper clip or something similar to fix the two objects together. Place the linked objects in a dark place or at the bottom of a drawer. Leave them there until the person responds.
If you are to make the best of this situation, as you perform the above actions you should really give some consideration as to why the two of you argued in the first place. That way, you are more open to taking your share of the blame.
(4) To Decide Between Two Lovers  (Ball 94)
You need infinite patience for this spell and the problem may have well resolved itself before the flowers have grown. It is the very fact that you have taken action that will have an effect on the people concerned.

  • Two tulip bulbs
  • New pin

With the pin, scratch the name of one suitor on each bulb. Plant the bulbs beside each other. The bulb first will reveal the best option.

Apart from patience this spell also requires a good memory, because you have to remember which bulb represents which lover. (if in a pot, mark the pot on one side with an R for right and an L on the other for left. Plant the bulbs alphabetically. If not in pot, plant alphabetically from left to right as well.)

(5) To Get A Lover to Propose  (Feng Shui Tip of the Day)
March 20
According to the crazy calendars that I consult with today is often referred to as 'Proposal Day.' In Feng Shui there is a 'cure' that will ensure that the one you love finally takes a knee. The proposal cure goes like this: take eight big rocks or even boulders and place them one atop the other in the 'Romance and Relationship' area of your backyard. The eighth rock or boulder should be spray painted gold and tied with a red ribbon or cord and then placed at the apex of this configuration. Put this pile in place for at least 27 days and then expect the ultimate ask. If you don't have a space outside to compel the commitment, then do this same thing inside your own living space in the same 'Romance' arena. Once you have gotten around to putting this golden touch into place, it shouldn't be long until you see a ring to match!

*Note: Remember, sometimes the Universe just says no.

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