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A Steampunk Hedgewitch's Grimoire


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(1) To Focus Your Lover's Interest  (Ball 91)
If you find that your partner's attention seems to be wandering, try this spell. It is best performed on a Friday, the day sacred to Venus the Goddess of Love. Because it is said that she will not assist you if there is any intrinsic reason for the relationship not to work out - for instance, if your partner no longer loves you, you may be unsuccessful in your aim. This you must accept, knowing you have done the best you can.

  • A clean piece of paper
  • A pen you like

Taking your pen, write your first name and your lover's surname on the paper. Draw either a square or a circle around them.

(Use the square if you decide all you want is a physical relationship, but the circle if you are utterly convinced this person is right for you.)

With your eyes closed say:

        If it be right, lover come back to me.
Cut the square or circle out and place it inside your pillowcase. Your lover will show renewed interest.

(2) Nether Garment Spell for Fidelity  (Ball 93)
This spell uses the combination of nutmeg and intimate garments in a form of sympathetic magic. It is said to keep a partner faithful.

  • 2 whole nutmegs
  • A pair of your and your partner's clean underwear
  • Wide red ribbon
  • Large white envelope
  • A pin

Take two nutmegs. Carefully scratch with the pin your partner's full name on one and your own on the other. Tie the two nutmegs together with the ribbon. Wrap them in the underwear and then place in the envelope. Sleep with the envelope under your pillow if your partner is away or you are separated from them. 

(3) Bed Sheet Spell for Fidelity  (Rosean 34)

To keep a partner faithful or to get a lover to return to you, cut off a small corner of a bed sheet you have had sex together on. Glue it to the back of a picture of both of you and anoint the four corners of the photo with almond oil. Place under the bed and he or she will love only you or return to love you alone.

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