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A Steampunk Hedgewitch's Grimoire


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(1) Acid Indigestion (Ball 246)
Warm a cup of milk and steep four eucalyptus leaves in it. Drink this to ease discomfort.

(2) Athlete's Foot (Ball 246)
Besides keeping your feet dry and powdered with orris root, try a vinegar rinse of one cup of water and one teaspoon cider vinegar to which one tablespoon of thyme and red clover have been added. Soak for 15 minutes daily.

(3) Bee/Wasp Stings (Ball 247)
A drop of myrrh juice on the sting will help draw out the poison. 

(4) Bruises (Ball 247)
Take one pint of almond oil and one pound each of Balm of Gilead and St. John's Wort, which you should bruise by pounding in a pestle and mortar. Warm together over a low flame. When the oil has taken all the color our of the buds, cool and strain the liquid. Then apply as needed to the bruised area.

(5) Chancre Sore (Ball 247)
Enough Sorrel (approximately a handful) soaked in warm water until soft, then strained and drunk as tea, will help clear them up.

(6) Chapped Skin (Ball 247)
To one ounce of melted wax add four ounces of glycerin and four to five drops of oil of roses or rejuvenating oil. Warm until well mixed and apply as needed.

(7) Coughs (Ball 247)

In three pints boiling water, place a large quantity of peppermint leaves, five fluid ounces of rum, three fluid ounces of lemon juice. One ounce of cinnamon bark and one ounce of comfrey root. Blend well, then allow to cool and strain. Add eight ounces of sugar and two fluid ounces of honey. Bring the entire mixture to a rolling boil. Cool and store in an air-tight container. 
For measurement: 1 shot = 1.5 fluid ounces

(8) Dandruff (Ball 247)
One measure each of: Violet leave, peppermint, red clover, witch hazel, and rosemary. Mix them together. Before shampooing, warm a quarter measure of the dried herbs in two measures of water and use as a rinse. 

(9) Earache (Ball 248)
Mix ten drops each of anise oil, sweet almond oil and onion juice. Add a pinch of pepper. Dampen a small cotton wool with the mixture and place in the affected ear. Wrap your head in a warm towel and for 15-20 minutes lie on your side, with your head tilted to retain the drops. 

(10) Eye Rinse (Ball 248)
In a half pint of water, warm one ounce of elder flowers and a half teaspoon of salt. Strain and use as needed to refresh eyes or relieve itching.

(11) Fever (Ball 248)
Infuse the peel of two oranges and one lemon in whisky. Take two teaspoons after each meal. 

(12) Heartburn (Ball 248)
Add two teaspoons each of cinnamon, lavender flowers, baking soda, peppermint leaves and half a teaspoon ground ginger to four ounces of water and allow to steep. Strain and drink warm after meals. 

(13) Itching (Ball 248)
Blood root pulverized and steeped in apple vinegar until well incorporated then added to lotions to make from aloe, coconut oil, and/or cocoa butter will ease itching.

(14) Urticaria (Hives from Allergies) (Ball 248)
Infuse one pint of black alder bark in one quart of water and one cup olive oil. Wash the affected area frequently. A viable and easier alternative is to make a poultice of clay mud. 

(15) Sleeplessness (Ball 248)
Equal quantities of the stalks and leaves of valerian, catnip and peppermint made into a tea will ensure better sleep.

(16) Sore Throat (Ball 248)
Tea made from sage leaves and mixed with honey and lemon will ease a sore throat. 

(17) Stomach Ache (Ball 249)
A tea of equal quantities of mint, strawberry leaf, catnip and blackberry mixed with one tablespoon of brandy should ease the stomach. An alternative is ground brown rice steeped in warm water for 15 minutes. Add sugar and nutmeg to taste. Add to boiled milk and drink.

(18) Toothache (Ball 249)
Mix oils of peppermint and clove (you can mix this with a teaspoon of rum, if liked). Apply directly to the tooth. 

(19) Wound Infections (Ball 249)
Add two sliced onions and two ounces each of beeswax, honey and elder leaves to ten ounces of petroleum jelly. Warm over a low flame for about 30 minutes. Strain and apply to the wound with a clean dressing. 

(20) Alcohol Abuse (Feng Shui Tip of the Day)

If you or anyone you know struggles with alcohol addiction, then Feng Shui has a special step to addendum the other 12 that you might be imbibing these days. Of course, this cure is strictly an energetic one that complements any other therapies that one might need to get and stay sober. Take any lamp and place it in the 'Family/Friends' area on the main floor. Change the bulb to reflect the highest wattage it can handle. Now get a photo of the person who is working to get clean and put that in a wooden frame. Position the framed photo so that it receives light from the lamp in the family area. Turn this lamp on for at least 3 hours a day or leave this love light burning for as long as you'd like inside each 24-hour period. Do this for at least 27 days to send energy, love and light to the one who needs it most.

(21) Spell (Incantation) for the Healing of Stress-Related Illness (Rae Beth)

By the five elements,
let him be well.
By the wind,
well in thought, well in mind.
By sunlight,
make his will bright.
By water that’s clear,
free his heart of fear.
By sacred ground,
make his body sound.
By the spirit in all,
his whole self, whole.
Let the healing spirits of harmony 
restore him, So May It Be.

(22) Spell Chant for Earth Healing (Rae Beth)

Let Earth be healed by the prayers and spells of caring people
Let Earth be healed by wild animals' being
Let Earth be healed by the breath of trees
Let Earth be healed by the sharing of truth, world wide
Let Earth be healed by the Five Sacred Things
Let Earth be healed by Goddess and God
Let the healing be between one heartbeat and the next
Let Earth be healed by the flowing of the waters
Let Earth be healed by love in its pure essence
Let the Earth be healed by the laughter of our children
Let the Earth be healed by the radiance of a smile
Let Earth be healed by the spiral of air
Let the Earth be healed by hearts that accept all diversity
Let Earth be healed by gentle touch
Let the Earth be free once more
Let Earth be healed by faith in love
Let the Earth be healed, hear her voice when all is silent
Let the earth be healed by all of us
Let Earth be healed with the touch of Peace
Let the earth be healed by the love of its inhabitants
Let the earth be healed with our love for one another
Let the earth be healed with sincerity and honesty
Let the earth be healed with perfect love and perfect trust

Still Searching.