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the attic

Ode to Grover

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Grover was ‘round before Elmo was there

The difference of course is Elmo’s red hair

And Elmo was cute, much cuter they say

Than loveable Grover who got in the way

Elmo was a baby, there held his appeal

And although a monster, was ever so real

Much more relatable, the critics had said

And poor little Grover was better off dead.

“Please don’t turn the page” he had once said to me

“A monster’s at the end of this book, don’t you see?

“I’ll build a brick wall that’s so high it will stop you

“With cement and mortar and hammers and nails too!”

But I’d still turn the page, despite all his work

And he’d scream as he turned his small head with a jerk

The happiest ending completed this tale

But where now is Grover? In village or dale?
In town, city, state? Where e’er did he go?

For now all I see here behold and lo’

Is a small smiling face, with red fur surrounding

And arms that flail as if leaping and bounding

And small shifty eyes that fill me with dread

As I gaze upon that small monster in red

So where did you get to, my Grover, my friend?
The ep’logue reads: Elmo. And that is the end.

The Scariest Thing About Memories is Believing You Will Forget Them